Tips for Maintaining Fighting Chickens For Cockfighting S128

Tips for Maintaining Fighting Chickens For Cockfighting S128 – Next we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, here’s how to raise fighting cocks for s128 cockfighting.

Having a rooster for fighting requires extra care, intensive training and also maintaining the rooster’s diet. This extra care includes many things, from the cage that has to be clean, to bathe it regularly, even some owners bring in a vet so that the rooster is free from disease.

One treatment that is no less important is the maintenance of a rooster weapon, namely spurs or hammers. This treatment is carried out after the emergence of the jalu seeds until the jalu has been formed. However, treatment is carried out which aims to shape the jalu and make it hard and sharp.

Jalu is an additional weapon in the leg which, if used for kicking, can stab the opponent, namely another rooster.

In treating jalu, rooster owners usually use natural ingredients so that the hammers or spurs are strong and do not break easily. Natural ingredients that are used can be found around us easily, such as turmeric, starfruit and garlic.

Here’s the explanation:

  1. Use sandpaper – sandpaper is useful for smoothing fighting cock spurs by rubbing gently along the path of the spurs. Then, if you want to taper the spurs, you can also use a sharp knife or razor blade. Perform this treatment regularly so that the spurs can be formed as desired.
  2. Turmeric – In addition to making it stronger and stronger, turmeric also serves to polish the chicken spurs. Shiny spurs will usually be more feared by opponents. Simply put the turmeric on the outside of the spurs regularly. Turmeric can also harden the jalu by pounding a few cloves of turmeric, then placing it on the chicken jalu and then wrapping the jalu which has been smeared with the quinine using a cloth.
  3. Apply Garlic – After peeling the outer layer of the jalu, the next step is to regularly apply garlic. Then you can occasionally smear the jalu with cooking oil so that the growth of the jalu is more optimal.
  4. Extend the Bangkok Chicken Jalu by utilizing the star fruit, because the star fruit is believed to be able to make the fighting chicken jalu become longer and longer. The way to take advantage of starfruit is quite easy, namely just by rubbing it on the chicken jalu. Star fruit here is preferred, namely the type of starfruit.