Various Bonuses Given by Slot Provider Agents

Various Bonuses Given by Slot Provider Agents – If you join through registration on an online slot gambling site as a member you are indeed offered various types of bonuses. Bonuses are one of the most sought after by Indonesian slot players. Because with the bonus you will have more additional capital when playing. The addition of capital is also very diverse, depending on how many bonuses are given by the online slot agent of your choice. Some offer a 50% bonus, 100% even bigger. So players can play with the additional bonus and when you lose your capital is not immediately touched because it is covered by the bonus. When you win, the bonus also acts as an additional advantage that you can enjoy, so bonuses are highly sought after.

Here, we will share information about abundant bonuses for all of you. Bonuses are available to all online slot players, you can take them by joining one of the best online slot sites. On this official online slot site, you have the opportunity to receive bonuses every day. To see the full details of the bonus you can register on this site, free of charge at all. We will continue to provide several types of bonuses that you can receive when you join slot sites.

Deposit Bonus

The first type of bonus you will find is a deposit bonus. You will receive a bonus when you top up your balance. Consists of two types of bonuses, namely new members and daily. For new member bonuses, only new members who register and join dingdong online slot sites will receive the bonus. You will receive a 100% bonus when you top up your first balance. Furthermore, a daily bonus of 10% once a day for you when making a deposit.

You need to remember that there are various deposit methods at slot sites, you can use bank transfers, digital balances of Ovo Gopay funds and even credit. And whatever deposit method you use, you will still receive this deposit bonus without any less. So make a deposit with the most suitable and easy means for you.

Cashback Bonus

You also have the opportunity to receive a cashback bonus which is divided into two, namely daily refunds and weekly rolls. To get a daily refund bonus, all you have to do is ask the cs live chat. If you reach the game limit requirements and you can receive up to 500 thousand per day. You can take this daily bonus refund once a day.

However, for the weekly rolling bonus, you must first reach the bronze level on your account. If you manage to reach the bronze level then a turn over bonus of 0.8% is distributed to you every week on Tuesday. There is no maximum limit for this turn over bonus, the more you play the bigger the bonus you will receive.